Rodrigo Imaz


I relate my work with site-specific strategies to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Trough poetical analogies of Nature and anthropogenic events my work emphasises the inadequacies of the instrumental reason and criticizes contemporary societies through an exploration of the violent relation between life and the cycles of nature.

In my work, organic forms arise threatening the arrogant human pride and the course of progress, while poetry ennobles language and human creations.

Rodrigo Imaz

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About ACME Brooklyn

ACME Brooklyn is an art project that aims to display the artistic production of a specific context. On this occasion, a group of artists from the emerging and established art scenes of Mexico and New York are invited to produce and generate a piece for different exhibition spaces: a warehouse, an old textile factory (now turned hotel), and a movie theater. Within this communal ground, the dialogue and cultural exchange between the participating artists becomes the subject of the project. ACME Brooklyn is a project created by BASEProyectos, Archipielago, Mezcal UNION and La Fabrica Gallery. In collaboration with Wythe Hotel, La Superior,Cerveceria Havemeyer, Kinfolk Studios and Rich Lane.
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