The concept of Salon ACME contains works by established and emerging artists, covering proposals, subjects, and aiming to give visibility to the work of young Mexican artists who are not yet represented by galleries.

Salon ACME is not a gallery, it is a platform that aims to promote Mexico’s current artistic production and encourages a direct connection between the artists and their audience. Throughout the exhibition, intermediaries will facilitate and mediate the process of purchasing.

ACME Brooklyn was born from the wish to create a community between Mexico and USA, and together generate a project with the sole purpose of supporting and promoting emerging artists. Our ideal is to cooperate and together offer one week of art and entertainment for anyone interested in joining.

The dialogue and cultural exchange between the participating artists sets the theme of the show; leading to an interesting game of perspectives around the very same context. Each artist is participating in the two different proposals for exhibit two different formats for each of the spaces. The first space is an amazing warehouse (La Fabrica Gallery) located in Williamsburg, and the other is the Whyte Hotel (Roof top and cinema).

About La Fabrica Gallery  

One of Williamsburg’s pioneers in the restaurant industry Felipe Mendez Candelas came to New York in 1999 to establish the cornerstone of his career “La Superior”: considered one of the jewels of the neighborhood. Subsequently he opened Cervecería Havemeyer broadening the space for savoring the cuisine from his birthplace. With 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he now takes on a tangent opening his warehouse for La Fabrica Gallery.

Created by Felipe Mendez Candelas, La Fabrica Gallery is curated and operated by Varenka Ruiz.

ACME Brooklyn is a project created by the alliance of Mezcal UNION, Wythe Hotel, BASE proyectos, La Superior, Cerveceria Havemeyer, Grupo Archipielago, La Fabrica Gallery and Rich Lane.


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